Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, Fudge!

I've been following Dr. Rotwang at "I Waste the Buddha with my Crossbow" since I was stuck in an office in Iraq in 2007.  It's probably a combination of the ridiculous blog title, his candor, and his penchant for all things 80s that really got me (and keeps me) hooked to his stuff.

A few times he's mentioned the Fudge RPG ruleset, amidst others I've never played.  Time and again, I was too lazy to research the game.  Today, however, I finally took a jump over to Wikipedia to get the basics.

And I like it.  It's so simple.  The emphasis is story over rules (which I dig).  And you use these cool dice:

I even read that a common theme is to have players write there character up in prose and then generate the character via the rules.  Sweet.

I want to play it.  With someone.  Now.

Has anyone out there played Fudge rules?  How'd it go?

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