Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Death Star Trench Run for X-Wing Minis

I recently got super hooked on the X-Wing Miniatures Battle Game by Fantasy Flight Games. I got it for my bro almost a year ago, and he eventually played it and loved it. He was hooked. Then he and I played together at GenCon and I got the bug. Now I have a decent collection.

Between X-Wing and Edge of the Empire, Fantasy Flight has rekindled that sense of wonder about the original trilogy Star Wars universe. 

I had to get other people hooked, so I could ensure ample play opportunities. So my regular RPG group now has the bug. Last weekend I ran them through a homebrew Death Star Trench Run. It was great fun. During the last round of play, Luke (with R2 on board) blew the thermal exhaust port and saved the day. There wasn't such an uproar in my game room in months, if not years.

Luke, Biggs, and Jek all decked out for their run.

So, I uploaded my take on rules of the iconic Trench Run to X-Wing Mission Control. I hope you like it. I searched for some others out there. Here's another good one. What do you think about 'em?