Monday, August 22, 2011

Ah, Now I Wanna Play SWRPG!!!

I've been watching Star Trek: Enterprise on Netflix streaming.  It's kinda everything I expected.

But one episode had a really cool concept which was similar to one I had long ago.  The episode is Terra Nova.  The premise: the crew sees what happened to an old Federation colony.  The episode itself was meh.  Again, it was just one concept that I liked.

Terra Nova was colonized by a crew which arrived on a ship which disassembled upon arrival.  It was a one-way trip.  So, the lav became the colony's latrine.  The bridge became the comm center.  Et cetera.

I always thought it'd be cool to run a campaign that started with a bunch of level one spacers who colonize a new planet.  The whole world is new, and there's full on exploration.  The base camp can restock their inventory, and perhaps upgrade weaponry and equipment as they 'trust the PCs more,' or whatever you need to do to make it digestible.

Perhaps after enough levels we can come up with some way to get them off that rock, so they can explore the galaxy.

Of course, I'd wanna do this with Star Wars, but it'd work with any system.

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