Friday, February 19, 2010

D&D Dora

Having a daughter, I've spent more time than I ever expected (or wanted) watching Dora the Explorer. As I got familiar with the character, I realized she could easily be ported into your favorite D&D campaign.

Dora the Explorer is clearly either a druid, or a ranger of at least 4th level. Why do I make this assertion? She has an animal companion, Boots the Creepily Sentient Monkey.

Given her low level, her failure to show any combat prowess, and no apparent favored enemy*, I would have to say she is a young budding druidess.

This would explain so much, like her affinity with--and ability to speak to--animals such as Tiko the Squirrel and Benny the Bull.

More to come. I plan to gen up some stats for Dora, as well as an awesome sketch.

*Swiper the Fox is NOT her enemy, just a confused and misdirected fox bandit whose kleptomaniacal pursuits are easily thwarted. Thank you, liberal media.

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