Thursday, February 11, 2010

3.5 Sorcerer Feedback

A pal and veteran DM gave me some comprehensive feedback, and helped me to decide to take out the pseudospell powers from the sorcerer. They're too unwieldy and will likely be more a pain for the DM to use.

With his help I came up with this breakdown regarding balance between the sorcerer and wizard, too. It appears to be balanced.

-(On average) a Sorcerer can cast 2 more spells/day than a wizard can. Advantage Sorcerer

-A Sorcerer need not prepare spells like a wizard does. Advantage Sorcerer

-Sorcerer has better proficiencies. Advantage Sorcerer

-Sorcerers gain eschew materials and native spellcasting while wizards may scribe scrolls out the gate. Even

-Wizard and sorcerer get bonus (very limited) feats (or bloodline powers). Even

-Same skill points per level. Even

-Same starting gold. Even

-Wizard gets familiar. Advantage Wizard

-Wizard has more spells known. Advantage Wizard

-Wizard has (almost imperceptibly) better class skills. Advantage Wizard

What do you think?

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