Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New RPGs

Just a quick note:

I'm working with some fellow gamers to push two RPGs out the door soon.

Metal Corps, a futuristic soldier-based RPG, will start beta playtesting next month. It uses rules similar to 4E or SWRPG Saga Edition, with plenty of fresh changes to speed up play and capture the real hopelessness of a space colony encountering some dire threats.

I have an old friend who's going to produce an original soundtrack for Metal Corps, and I am VERY excited about that!

And, I've finally found a solid partner to assist with my Steampunk endeavor. I've decided to use Pathfinder OGL rules. So, my goal is to roll out the core setting by this time next year. The Steampunk game is going to take place in Appalachia, with some pretty familiar archetypes and politics. Firearms and technology are expected to push realism (of course, there will be plenty of fantastical exceptions).

If you're interested in playtesting either of these games, let me know!

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