Friday, December 18, 2009

3.5 Sorcerer: Native Spellcasting

I've decided that the 3.5 sorcerer in my games are going to be worth playing.

My first modification: All sorcerers will have an ability called Native Spellcasting:

"Complex spell recipes are for wizards, who merely study ways to emulate the power you were born with. You grew up finding your own way to evoke the magic in your blood, and your spellcasting traditions are unorthodox in nature. The Difficulty Class for someone to discern a spell you are casting increases by 4."

Also: I'm considering stripping away the familiar, adding eschew materials as abonus feat, adding bloodline abilities, and adding metamagic and pseudo-spell abilities.



International Hermit said...

I like the idea... especially the bloodline abilities. Depending on how you set those up and how detailed they are, it could be a big encouragement for your players to choose more specific PC sub-races and, in FR, regions. So in the end it would not only make it more fun for them to play something with more magical abilities than before, it might be more gratifying for you and their fellow players since (hopefully) they'd invest more in the character build.

Ron said...

I have a difficult time getting my players to play wizards in the first place. They tend to choose sorcerer over wizard all the time due to the higher number of spells per day.

As for the bloodline powers, why not just emulate the Pathfinder RPG sorcerer.