Saturday, September 15, 2007

Have I Been Roleplaying?

Sure, I've rolled up characters and thrown dice for something like 9 years, and I've played a variety of dudes.

As time's gone on, I've taken on the role of DM, and my experiences as playing a character vice running the game have become minimal. In those infrequent times I've settled into a comfortable spot: the entertainer and facilitator. I've found that the most comfortable role for me to play is the bard, because nothing falls on my shoulders. That is, unless we run low on gold and the nobles are itchin' for an unplugged version of Free Bird on the lute.
Otherwise, it seems, I take over and steal the fun from my fellow PCs. Krog the half-orc monk really gets depressed when it's my fascinate ability--not his stunning fist--that lulls the enemy into pascifism. I've noticed, though, that his 'stunning' fist is rarely applied with enough finesse to prevent a crushed sternum and a heaping bowl of heart sauce.

So I'm always a chaotic good half elven bard, right? I just enjoy roleplaying that mixture. Or do I? Do I play this role simply because it is the easiest for me to be? To find the answer, I went to, and took a couple quizzes: Which DnD Character are you? What's your alignment? and What fantasy race are you? Oh at the heartbreaking results...

You scored as Bard! A BARD, a good travelling player who is a seducer of people with fine songs and words. You are a smooth talker and can talk anything out of anybody.

You scored as chaotic good,

You scored as Elf, You are an Elf! Tall, slim and with pointy ears!
Great minds, extremely longlived, untouched by disease.











Take a look at that! Elf and Human are neck and neck! And last time I checked, when those two races are neckin', a half elven bastard child is nine months away! I'm that bastard child! Woe is me! Never to be accepted by any society...Wait, what was the title of this blog? Oh...

Looks like I've been roleplaying as much as Tom Cruise has been acting. That's it, I'm going to play something DIFFERENT next time...maybe Rand, the confused Elven wizard who thinks bats and clubs are cool.

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